Sanitised cleans


Specialist Hygiene Services now carry out sanitised cleans, in the outbreak of covid-19 and other infectious diseases, SHS are implementing the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of further infection. 


Specialist hygiene services also carry our bespoke training programmes on sanitised cleans, these training packages provide your site Wirth the correct and in-depth information in the how to clean for the preparation for sanitised cleans/infection outbreak.


The outbreak of covid-19 has become a global pandemic, it is imperative that cleaning is carried out efficiently and methodically to remove any harmful bacteria. The Cover-19 virus can sit on any hard surfaces for up to 72 hours, this means there is a more chance for the spread of infection. 


Keeping personal hygiene to a high level is extremely important, this helps maintain bacterial levels to the minimum. Personal hygiene as well as adhering to the current guidelines set by health executives.


Specialist Hygiene Services use Ozone cleaning to decontaminate infections within a building, room or large area. This form of cleaning is completely chemical-free. Ozone attaches to molecules within in air and eliminates these from unwanted bacteria to oxygen. Leaving your site spotless and bacteria Free