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Washroom Deep Clean 

Our washroom deep cleaning service is designed for toilets and washrooms. Deep cleaning of sanitary fitments to descale and chemically clean. Deep cleaning reduces bacteria responsible for cross contamination and helps maintain a safe hygienic washroom environment.

Specialist hygiene services provides a periodic washroom deep cleaning service. Routine cleaning provides the following benefits:-

  • Hygienic conditions - reduces the risk of cross contamination

  • Reduces malodours

  • Helps maintain free flowing conditions

  • Shows due diligence

  • Reports on any leaks or defects to sanitary fitments

Items treated as part of the washroom deep cleaning service can include:-

  • WCs

  • Urinals

  • Washbasins or butler sinks

  • Cubicles

  • Showers / Baths

  • Drinking fountains

  • Troughs

  • Primary plumbing

  • Traps and gullies

  • Structural items such as ceilings, vents, walls and floors


Identified issues include:-

  • Scale

  • Uric salt deposits

  • Body fats

  • Hair

  • Soap

  • Contaminants including faecal


Treatments for the washroom deep cleaning service:-

  • Descale

  • Degrease

  • Cleaning of waste traps

  • Chemical cleaning

  • Removal of physical contaminants

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