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Kitchen Grease Extract Duct Cleanig

Kitchen Grease Extract Duct Cleaning:


What is Kitchen Grease Extract Ductwork System?


Grease Extraction systems are found in most commercial kitchens, these systems begin at the canopy above the cooker and finish at the exhaust (normally located on the roof or via an external wall)


Grease Extraction Systems have to be cleaned a minimum of once per annum, with compliance with TR19 Guidelines.



A Grease Extraction System is made up of the following components:

  • Canopy Hood- Types include Box/Ridge.

  • Filters - Mesh, Baffle, or Cartridge types are the most common.

  • Extract Plenum- Void area immediately behind the filters (This is where Grease Deposits begin to deposit and collect) - The amount of Grease Build Up is dependent on the amount of cooking per day (hours).

  • Grease Extract Ductwork

  • Fan and Fan housing,

  • Access Panels - method of obtaining entry to the interior of ductwork,

  • Exhaust/Grill.


Purpose of a Kitchen Grease Extract System:

  • Remove heat, smells/ odours and steam from the kitchen.

  • Removal of greasy vapours from the kitchen which forms an ignition source.

  • Produces a safe working environment with compliance to TR19 guidelines.


Guidelines and Recommendations that work alongside TR19 compliance, include:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)

  • The Workplace (Health and Safety Act- 1992)

  • The Regulatory Reform ( Fire Safety - 2005)

  • Regulation (EC) 852/2004


Grease Extraction Systems clean frequencies are solely dependant on terms from your insurance company. Insurances companies now stipulate as part of Buildings Insurance terms that Grease Extract duct work cleans are based on a state of frequency. This is usually once or twice per annum however the frequency can increase dependant on the level of cleaning. Ensuring cleans of Extract Cleans supports your business in successfully carrying out cleans in accordance with TR19.


Upon having your Grease Extraction Clean with SHS, you will be provided with before and after images and a report of your latest clean, this will include any comments or advisories necessary to ensure full cleans. This report will also contain a certificate, TR19 complaint and dated - certificate of completions are available up to 4 weeks post clean.

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