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Air Supply and Ventilation Cleaning


London is the Uk’s most polluted town, Air Pollution is London’s biggest killer! We can significantly reduce this! 


Air Supply is your buildings ventilation system, it controls the air both in and out of the building. Air is taken in from the top of the building and evenly distributed into vents around the building. Air travels through ductwork, these have access panels so Specialists are able to identify how dirty/clean the system is. 


Specialist Hygiene Services would like to emphasise the importance of having your Air Supply Cleaned. Our accreditation with NAADUK (National Association of Air Duct Cleaners UK) requires key people including our surveyors to visit site and conduct a survey. 


SHS post clean can complete Fog the system, this means that we can completely decontaminate the whole system, making sure no bacteria or microbes are left on the surface. Fogging requires a chemical called Disifin which completely removes microbiological substances from any hard or soft surface.


Specialist Hygiene Services can also carry out Sample & Testing in your Air Supply Ductwork System. Samples will be conducted pre and post clean and will be sent to an accredited laboratory for assessment. The results provided will be sent directly to the client, this prevents any discrepancies. SHS also carry out samples when on site, especially if the site is visibly inundated with bacteria. These will be sent to the lab so we can highlight to you the state of your system and emphasise what we can do to help.

Specialist Hygiene Services can help! Please contact us should you require any further information or a survey & quotation.

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