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Fire Dampers 


Keeping your building Compliant.


Fire Dampers are an imperative fire suppression protection product, Fire Dampers are specifically designed to prohibit the spread of fires.

Fire Dampers act as a suppression system, similar to fire extinguishes and fire blankets, however are more critical and better promote safety

The suppression system will automatically close in the detection of heat, smoke or a sudden peak in temperature ; this subsequently prevents the spread of fires throughout ducting, resistance related walls and the entirety of the building. In the detection of high temperatures, Fire Dampers will link with Fire alarms and will automatically close, by closing it will activate the thermal element. Thermal element melts at temperatures above ambient, but low enough to indicate the presence of a fire.


Fire Dampers are located in heating vents, ductwork and HVAC ductwork systems. Unclean or ductwork inundated with grease, pose at a high risk and are responsible for the majority of commercial kitchen fires. Fire Dampers are a critical to the safety of buildings, employees and service users. BS9999:2017 adhere to strict guidelines, ensuring that Fire Dampers are cleaned and maintained regularly, as such, Specialist Hygiene Services recommend the cleaning and maintenance of all fire dampers is set at a minimum of one per annum.


How do Fire Dampers Operate?

  • Generally, Fire Dampers operate when internal temperatures reach above 165 Degrees,

  • The fusible link located on the fire damper will subsequently cause the damper to release and shut

  • This then suppresses the fire from spreading throughout the ductwork.

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