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Kitchen Deep Clean

Our teams work extremely hard in assisting the daily cleaning of all kitchen activities, this includes the deep clean of all kitchen areas that are identified in our comprehensive survey agreed in advance with the client. Effective Kitchen Hygiene Cleaning can also provide evidence of a caterers due diligence to environmental health and workplace safety.There are several areas of a commercial kitchen, which on a day to day operation, often get missed by daily in house cleaning. Our Kitchen Deep Cleaning services addresses these areas.

Our areas of cleaning include:

- Under sinks,

- Recess Areas,

- Behind hood filters (Plenum)

- Heavily carbonised areas

- Our services for Kitchen Hygiene are purely bespoke and we deliver to individual requirements.

Features of our kitchen deep cleaning service include:


1. Periodic kitchen deep cleaning maintenance service to de-grease, descale and de-carbonise kitchen surfaces, floors and equipment. We also thoroughly deep clean items of structure, ventilation and equipment in commercial catering facilities. This is bespoke to individual requests and requirements.


2. Kitchen deep clean surveys will be carried out by a qualified sales executive and will be provided free of charge with a full breakdown of areas requiring cleaning.


3. Site specific instructions together with any hazards or excessive build ups will also be recorded on the kitchen deep cleaning survey. Each deep clean survey comes with a site specific risk assessment. Equipment will be examined for signs of infestation or damage and reported.


4. After a kitchen deep cleaning service completion a certificate for your records will be sent out to file or display as part of your due diligence to environmental health.


5. Kitchen deep cleaning quality questionnaires are routinely sent out to monitor service levels.


6. Our kitchen deep cleaning teams are directly employed by the Company and spread across the whole of the UK from Sheffield to Cornwall. All economies of scale in terms of reduced travel times are passed on to our clients.


7. Kitchen deep cleans are checked the next working day by our management team.

Specialist Hygiene Services can help! Please contact us should you require any further information or a survey & quotation.

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