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Laundry Duct Clean 

Laundry Duct Extract Cleaning:


SHS Hygiene would also like to introduce Laundry Duct Cleaning Services.

Laundry Duct cleaning is often overlooked in respects to cleaning, however,

did you know Laundry Duct Cleaning is one main cause of fires?  

Many organisations are dependent on laundry facilities, these include:

  • Hospitals,

  • Care Homes (Large and Small)

  • Hotels,

  • Student Accommodation,

  • Prisons,

  • Schools and Universities and many more.


Frequent use of Laundry services to wash items such as bedding and towels, generate a vast amount of dust, fibres and lint. These contaminants deposit inside the Laundry Duct System and build up overtime. These impurities can then travel through the filters and collect in the main system. With a large build-up of lint and dust, it can ultimately cause the system to work slower and therefore less effectively. The system is therefore overworked and the chances of a fire to the system increases significantly. In addition to this, with mass increases of lint and debris, the system will become less effective with time. 


Alike Grease Extract systems, Laundry Duct Cleans are also regulated by TR19 and adhering to these regulations is imperative and therefore ensures the safety of service users and employees within the workplace.  As Laundry Duct systems are regulated by TR!9, it is therefore compulsory that the system is to be cleaned a minimum of once per annum (regular basis), however the frequency of cleans is solely dependent on insurer. 


Specialist Hygiene Services can help! Please contact us should you require any further information or a survey & quotation.

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